Am I doing the right thing??

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    Obviously I'm new. I just culled 5 of 9 pullets about 8 weeks old. They had all the signs of CRD and no antibiotics seemed to be doing anything, for five weeks now. showing signs of emaciation, some gurgling, eyes bubbling if not swollen shut, one was so swollen, i'm pretty sure it would have been blind with the huge pustule over it. They were all purchased together and until some started showing signs of sickness were together. I separated out the five that appeared to be sick. The remaining four are growing and looking very well. No signs of anything. The other five were not growing much compared to the healthy looking ones. I have 25 new chicks coming in April. I know the four seemingly healthy ones are going to be carriers.

    I guess my question is should I cull the remaining 4 to alleviate a tragedy later? i have three healthy laying hens in coop for 16, do i chance putting them in there and keep the 25 when ready in the new unoccupied coop and hope for the best. i'm thinking of giving the remaining 4 a week of duramycin if i decide not to cull them just to ensure their health. they just seem to be such a waste if i do cull because they appear to be doing so well. I have asked so many around here that have or had chickens and all have differing views, I'd like some more.
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    Cull the lot, sanitize the coop and start over. You are not going to be able to keep sick and healthy birds separate. The healthy ones will get infected eventually. I am sorry for your losses, but applaud your decision to be pro-active once you realized what you were dealing with.

    Good luck with the future flock.

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