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Jan 28, 2009
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I've had my peafowl for about a month now. A year old white peahen and a male india blue around 6 months to a year, (not really sure). They have an enclosure to keep them and their food out of the rain, wind, etc. and this is attached to a fenced in run. They spend all day inside the enclosure and come out into the run to roost at night. About 5:30 or 6 o'clock in the morning, back into the coop they go. I give them treats each day and spend a few minutes just sitting and quietly talking to them. I think they are slowly getting used to me and not getting so jumpy and nervous every time I go out. Should I expect them to come out during the day? They don't even come out and eat the grass or go after bugs. There is more room outside in the run. I thought they would like that area to move around in. I thought about moving their food out there but it has been raining so much that I haven't done that. Maybe they just take a long time to settle in. I want to enjoy them, but they are really kind of boring if they are going to hide inside all day long. Do they honk because they are nervous? They frequently do that while I'm out there. They also do that at dawn. That's how I know when they are coming off the roost and going back inside. Should I just hang in there and give them more time?
Hi Fowlmood,

Some Pea's can take longer to settle in, but they will soon so hang in there. I have had them settle down in a few days before and some in a month or two.
And for the honking, I say it is a nervous call. That is the only time any of mine do it..

Is there run shaded during the day? If not they will go in to get out of the sun on the hot days.
Hang in there. It's very common for new peafowl to take some time getting used to new owners. More than a month is not that uncommon.... Then it will all be worth it once they finally know who you are.. especially when an adult male in full splendor has his fan out and lets you pass within a foot of him without flinching or putting down his tail.... (kind of annoying when trying to feed and water and he's blocking the way though.. ha!)

One trick I've used with new peafowl that happen to be 'very frightened of me' is to put just enough food to last them a day but also they are a little hungry at the next feeding time.. this encourages a strong association of me being their caretaker. If there's treats you discover they really like, toss them a few a bit far from you but do not move until they pick up at least one. Basically this teaches them it's "safe" to eat in front of you and encourages them to settle in with a new person much faster than if the feed and treats are 'readily available at all times'.

Just sitting within view is also very good and have used that many times or just to sit back and look at the birds(in general- not just new ones) being pretty.

Not sure what is up with the run.. my only guess is it's too hot maybe? Mine basically wander both in and out into the shaded and not shaded sections.

Yes the honking is when they are nervous.
Thanks for the advice and the encouragement. I'll keep my hopes up and give them some more time. I think we are slowly making progress. Kev, good idea about not putting out too much food. That's a good idea. I'll make them really happy to see me.
As far as the run goes, do they like shade even if it's not hot out? Believe me, heat is NOT the issue. Here in Northern Michigan we can't seem to get above 50's.
I don't think it's too windy but I guess I could put up some plywood or tarps on one or two sides to give them a little more protection. Again, thanks for all your help. I'll keep you posted.
My peafowl are worst than me, they only want to come out on good days,

Not to hot
Not to cold
Not to wet
Not to windy

They will come out into the snow has been on the ground a few days.

Dont worry they will be fine, just start giving them a few treats.
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It seems my patients has finally paid off. Yesterday when I went out to visit with the peas, the male actuallyl displayed right in front of me! I didn't have the heart to tell him that at his age (about a year maybe younger) he wasn't quite all there yet. He thought he was just beautiful and I was just happy to have him tolerate me so I guess it worked out well. The pair of them have been actually looking for me each evening and the female has been coming a little closer and looking me over, yesterday was the first that the male showed any sign of noticing me. Maybe he was jealous and wanted the female to pay attention to him and not me? Oh well, I'll choose to believe it's progress.
keep it up, I just got my peacock last week but he stays out the whole time. HE goes inside to eat but sleeps on a log in his run. He is a caller for sure. But he does not seem to nervous around me. If i go inside he will peak his head through the door to see what is going on. Can't wait to get some more.

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