Am I in the right...?


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Oct 22, 2007
New Market,Tn.
I had a man e-mail me about buying 2 fainting goats. We agreed on a price and fee if I had to deliver.........I sent pics of the goats and he was pleased.....We set a date for me to deliver the goats.....He cancelled the day I was suppose to deliver......Then he e-mailed me back wanting to know the next date that I could deliver them.....I e-mailed him back and gave him a date and that I would have to have $50 up-front to cover delivery....He e-mails me back and says, the date is fine with him but, does not mention the money....I e-mailed him back and asked about the money.....Finally, he mails me back and says he's been taken before and he is not sending me anything until he has the goats..........I explained to him that he is the one who cancelled the 1st delivery date and I was almost ready to leave with the goats when I received his e-mail. That I didn't want to drive 70 miles one way and me get the shaft. I told him I was sorry that he had been taken before but, I thought we were at an impass and thanked him for his interest.
I hated to not sell him the goats but, I feel I did what I could do. Am I in the right or not?


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Apr 18, 2008
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That's a toughie, but from some of the horror stories I've heard on here I think you were right. With the price of gas 70 miles is just too far to drive without some compensation.

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Apr 3, 2008
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Don't be intimidated by him if he emails you anymore. Just tell him that he will have to pick them up and if that's not good enough, keep them, their already yours.

You can deliver them to me >>>BIG

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Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
With so many problems at the outset of your transaction, i would be concerned. It's not your fault he's been "taken" before. He was probably planning on talking you out of the delivery fee after you had driven the 70 miles. It's just not worth it dealing with people like that.


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Aug 18, 2007
He can come and get them if he is worried about being taken. And tell him you will only accept cash.

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