Am I missing eggs???

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    I have 24 layers that are under 1 yr old. Most of them are either BR or RIR, and a couple Araucanas. According to my calculations, these birds are fairly good layers, meaning that they would lay about 5-6x/week each. So that would average at least 10 dozen/week? (If they all layed every day, that would be 14 dozen/week) That would mean I get about an average of 17-18 eggs per day.
    So why am I getting only 8 dz/week?
    They are free range, and I know of several nests, and search and search, but can't find any more...
    Given that they are full-production pullets, young, and early summer, they should be laying at least this if not almost every day. The chickens that I recognize their eggs are laying most every day.
    Do you think they are hiding more???[​IMG]
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    Egg laying varies widely among breeds and among chickens of the same breed. One factor is what you are feeding them and how much of it are they eating in the summer versus the winter. They may be hiding some somewhere, or they may just be coming off their heavy laying cycle. Chickens reach their peak lay period at 33 weeks and decrease laying from then on. Of course, parasites, mites, other animals eating eggs can all be factors. You may be getting only 3-4 eggs a week instead of 5-6.

    Mine have also decreased laying in these horrible temps. (90's-100's). Mine are not eating real well either because it is so hot. My chickens lay like crazy all winter and stop in the summer, but the temps are only in the high 20's and 30's most of the winter here. Hope this help some.

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