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9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri

sex-link pullets born may 5th from Cackle hatchery. These girls have all had merricks vaccine and are nice and ready to go.
Used to being handled and will make great layers. As you know, these will mature and begin laying earlier than most. Sex-links can be fethered sexed as chicks. so no guessing
if you want to get a rooster and have little ones (later on).

So they are a month sex links aren't that expenisve are they? Maybe I am underpricing all of my 9 week old pullets at $4.50 each?? or 3 for $12...
sounds like you are under pricing. Are you having luck selling yours? If you are selling and are happy with the results then leave it be or you could always raise your prices to just under theirs.

I would love to find a deal like yours, here they would go for $10 to $15 each.
I am not actively selling-just whenever. Normal pricing for chicks is under $5. Laying hens don't normally bring more than $10--usually around $6-$8 each.

If they were a more rare breed I could come more understanding but these are just run of the mill hatchery sex links! seems a bit off the wall to me.
Seems expensive to me. Not to mention that he (or she, whatever) makes it sound like you can take any rooster and breed with these and you'll get chicks that are sex-linked. Dude doesn't know much about hybrids, apparently.
"Pure Bred" and "Sex Links" are mutually exclusive terms anyway. Sex links are cross breeds.
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