Am I the only MAN who's..


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
...WIFE complains about the critters????

ok, so I KNOW we're expecting a baby and all that stuff, Bailey needs stuff, BUT HERES THE CATCH, she's got clothes OUT HER BUTT

she's got a crib, carseat,bouncer,swing, BOTTLES,bibs,blankets, CRAP LOADS of diapers already, wipes, a tub, shampoos, all that stuff.

before anyone says " you need lots more than that for a baby",I KNOOOOOWWW cut me some slack, eh?

need a mention, ALL or MOST of this stuff bought with MY money, I know I know, good on you for being responsible for your child, I'd never be any less..BUT

I want to spoil MYSELF once in a while.

I want to order from ideal, or somewhere again, because since my cayuga Lyra died, I've been wanting another, I also want a few mottled Houdans, and some D'uccles...I care for them, so whats wrong with it?

everytime I have a duck sitting, she complains, everytime a duckling hatches, she complains, but SHE is the one who wanted to keep the newest baby, Jingo.

anyone else's woman-folk do this?

it makes me want to
and then
I absolutely love my chickens...DH doesn't love them as he says, but he helps me take care of them as much as possible.

She could be just emotional from being pregnant...Hormones and such....
I'm sorry you're having trouble... this is an addiction and to date I'm not aware of a twelve step program that would work for any of us anyway! lol

Be patient, but keep your duckies... by the way I have six young mallards for sale... I'm in Spotsy county.. just posted them tonight.

New babies are exciting for new mommies, and I'm sure she thinks your pets take time away from that. Give it some time, but keep your own interests too.
Women get a little nutty when they are pregnant. Hormones are really rough. It will get better. But not until the baby is born and older. Anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months to one year in.

You know how a hen acts when she gets all broody? Multiply that by 1 gazillion.
Uh, Joe? Hoof and Hen? Ya'll owe me a new keyboard.

Ducklove, congratulations on the coming child, and
, hang in there.
Oh, she's nesting. That's part of being pregnant and having babies. Everything has to be in order and just right just in case fill-in-the-blank.

Just think of her as a broody hen. There's not much you can do. Just say yes dear I love you dear and wait it out.
WARNING: It took me 18 months to get hormonally normal again. This includes wanting a physical relationship. CAVEAT: I am, however, abnormal in that respect, so don't worry too much.
Be sure to discuss with her how having chicks/ducks it a great experience for a child.
Maybe we should start a post of pics of little ones with chicks to show her how great it will be.

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