Am I the only one?

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    My Coop
    I built my coop pretty fast considering how long my other projects take. The driving force behind my success was my chicks growing in a cardboard box sitting in the middle of my livingroom and beginning to stink. Also I guess it helped that I go in to work early and get off at 2:00 in the afternoon so I had plenty of daylight after work.
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    Apr 1, 2010
    i'm going to try to post some pictures of the coop, i finally loaded some onto the web in an attempt to do this.

    first, here are the chicks on their first day:

    just starting out in the garage, it rained the first couple weekends we were working so a lot took place inside:

    good thing my dad is a really hard worker!

    excellent idea of hardware cloth under the floor - got that from someone on BYC!

    our first wall:

    halfway there, at least i thought it was halfway:

    siding, windows, and door are all up:

    they want a new house:

    outside finished:

    inside finished:

    Hope that worked. [​IMG]
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    It took me a very long time to build my first coop. I was 56, and tire easily. I started in June 2009 and finished in late September, working mostly on the weekends with a few little bitty steps in the process on some evenings. Bought my first chicks October 1, 2009, which didn't go out to the coop full time until January 2010.

    The second coop I built went much more quickly, because I knew what I was doing by then.

    However, neither of them look anywhere near as polished and professional as yours!!!
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    Quote:You would think I WROTE THAT POST. My kids are 2 and 5, Hubby is very few daylight hours at home (he works in a bank and is not a carpenter) So you are in good company!

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