Amarettos first real CROW!!!!!!!!!

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  1. if you want to call it that! I was taking a video of the two new girls Maggie and Midge, and guess what happened????? It made my heart melt....

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    Oh,oh. I think Bird is going to take care of business in a few days. I noticed how the young cockerel kept his distance. I love the first crow. He's like, was that me?
  4. yea, it was soooo funny!!!!!!!!! and one in a million to get it on video. It was so precious. Perfect timing. I found him a home and i do think he will be going this week to a great place. 'Bird is 'tolerating' him, no blood drawn yet, but it's only a few days away I am sure. You should see Amaretto cuddle with me at night. It is the best. When he comes in to roost, he has gotten in the habit of jumping on my shoulder to sit or on my lap. He sits down and wants me to pet him, rub his head, kiss and cuddle with him. I swear, he thinks he's a dog.
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    That is so cute. It was a pretty impressive first crow. Some of my cockerels only managed a couple of screechy syllables for a while. Amaretto sounds like a really sweet guy. I'm so glad you found him a new home, but I bet you will miss him. Bird doesn't look like he will miss Amaretto. Bird looked like he was thinking, " Don't make me come over there and kick your butt."

  6. get RID of that avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It scares me.... [​IMG]

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