Amazing Coronation Sussex Day Old Chicks Hatching 5/21 This Monday


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Modesto, California
Unsexed Day old Coronation Sussex Chicks

These birds are beautiful and by far the friendliest birds I have ever owned. My children love snuggling with our massive rooster who is a big teddy bear! They are such gentle giants and we love having them here on our farm. They lay large beautiful light brown eggs and are wonderful layers. The pictures marked "Omelet Ranch" are used by the permission of their old owners (The Omelet Ranch). I was lucky enough to aquire the entire flock of Coronation Sussex from the Omelet Ranch recetly.

$10 per chick with a Minimum order of 10 chicks. Shipping box is $10 and I will charge you exact shipping. I ship USPS Express Overnight mail. Price depends on where you live and how many chicks you order.

Hatching Monday, May 21 so shipment would be sent Tuesday May 22!

Please respond to a PM and if you would like a shipping quote.

Let me know if you have any questions! I will answer you right away!

Information about Coronation Sussex:
Are you a history buff and a chicken enthusiast? If so, the Coronation Sussex offers an interesting, romantic past, and is also a sturdy, beautiful bird!

The Coronation Sussex was developed to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VIII, which never actually happened. You see, Edward was having an affair with the American divorceé Wallis Simpson. He wanted to marry her, which was completely unacceptable to the British government for several reasons. Rather than give up his relationship with Wallis, Edward chose to abdicate the throne. The coronation that actually took place was that of Edward's brother, King George VI, and so the Coronation Sussex commemorated something its breeders never expected. The times were turbulent, and the Coronation Sussex never gained the popularity it deserved. By the end of World War II, there were few specimens left.

Bringing this variety back from the brink of disappearance has taken dedication on the part of several breeders around the world. Heavenly Feathered Farms is proud to be counted among them! As a small operation, we work hard to make sure every bird we produce is an exemplary representative of its breed and variety. Producing Coronation Sussex with the correct coloring and type has been an enjoyable challenge!

As befitting a bird that celebrates royalty, our flock of Coronations - led by our rooster Sir Giles and his ladies in waiting - have a regal bearing and calm temperament. With a gentle blush of light blue/slate colored feathers in the hackles and tail, a comb so impressive it could be considered crown-like, and its full, fluffy plumage, these birds are gorgeous. Like all Sussex chickens, the Coronations are great layers, and weighty birds. You can expect in excess of 200 eggs per year from one Coronation hen. In other words, with a Coronation Sussex you get the complete package: a rare - and beautiful - variety, that lays lots of eggs!
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aloha I was wondering if you have anymore cornations hatching soon and can you ship to Hawaii?....tks...tom

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