Amberlink youngsters confusing the heck outta me!!!


8 Years
Mar 20, 2015
I just got back into owning a few chicky babies after a few years on hiatus after a mysterious illness took out all 30 of my lovely birds. I decided to dip my toes in and got 10 chicks from Tractor Supply. I got 6 straight run Barred Rocks (all pullets I now know- they were easy), 1 Black Jersey Giant that is also a pullet, and 3 "UFOs" (Unidentified Feathered Objects) that the employees at tsc didn't have any info on and even said after calling the hatchery (hoover hatchery) they still couldn't identify them. Obviously, I was intrigued and got them. After minimal research on the hatchery website (maybe 5 mins) I figured out they're actually Amberlinks. They are now about 12-13 weeks old. I have next to no experience with single combed birds, even less with production type breeds, and so am not sure how to tell whether they are pullets or cockerels. They all have large combs and possibly pointy hackles and saddles, but are so light colored, they're hard to see well. Two in particular seem to carry themselves like cockerels, and I could really use some help figuring them out. I'll add pics in the next post.
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Here are some pics to help us out....
Kiddo #1:
20220613_184158.jpg 20220613_184203.jpg 20220613_184224.jpg

Kiddo #2:
20220613_184327.jpg 20220613_184616.jpg 20220613_184641.jpg

Kiddo #3:
20220613_184734.jpg 20220613_184747.jpg 20220613_184830.jpg

ETA: The 2 I think act the most like cockerels are #2 and #3. But they all kinda make me think "boy" sometimes.
I kinda thought so. Well, guess I'll just pick the sweetest boy who's good to his girls and make a couple batches of soup with the other 2. Might keep 2 if I like them enough.

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