Ambien... Hmmm...Involves PurpleChicken

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Jun 5, 2009
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I am here this morning looking for a thread that may or may not exist.

Either I had a conversation last night with PurpleChicken in which I discovered that we are related or I am suffering from another Ambien induced waaaay out there dream.

Anyone seen such a thread?
Well, it's generally not my first choice when someone is dreaming about me but since we're cousins I suppose it's for the best.

See you at the family reunion.
LOL! This is so funny! When I took EfexorXR, my dreams were so vivid, I frequently could not tell if I had that conversation, or only dreamed it. It happened all the time.
I had a PC dream too, where he was walking around in a plum pimp suit with the boa and no pants. (Vicodine that night).

We'd had a talk just before this about buying a suit in Oakland CA, and east coast/west coast fashion. In my dream he was walking around in boxers because he refused to wear the baggier suit pants, they lacked pin stripes.
And I'd just seen alice and he blended up with a dash of mad hatter crazy.
I had a dream where I visited PC in CT. He lived in an apartment complex and kept his chickens in the dining room in a playhouse coop.

I don't have the excuse of sleep aids or painkillers for wierd dreams. I get them all on my own!
i have crazy dreams all the time and i don't even take anything LOL

ask duckyfromoz she usually gets to hear them when i have some real doozies LOL
Now if you all lived in Arkansas... then.... maybe..

edited to remove silly flirting with PC...
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Ambien caused me to sleep walk ! My daughter found me in the front yard, dog leash in my hand, but no dog on the leash..... Just walking around talking to the dog. She took me back in the house and put me back in bed..... When she asked me about it the next morning, I did not remember ANYTHING about it. No more Ambien for me !!

The last thing she said about the incident ? Thank God, you were wearing clothes !


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