Ameraucana and d'Uccle gender ID?


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
Not to argue breed standards, crosses,etc. on the Ameraucana Just want to know what you all think about her comb color/size. I don't remember my others having so much red at that age. She's 10 weeks old. One of my sweetest girls who will hopefully lay some gorgeous eggs for me.

I'm pretty confident she is a 'She' but wanted to check. She lives with two BO's and neither barely have any kind of comb so I always wonder a little.


Also, I have three d'Uccles. They were 2.5wks during this picture last week. All are pretty red. Not sure if this is a breed thing (my first d'Uccles of any kind) or do I have three Roos?

All three


The only upclose I seem to have for some reason. As you can see, the Ameraucana in the back is not as red. But I have read that d'Uccles sometimes trick people into thinking they are one gender when they aren't. Any idea?

I'm 99.9% sure first bird is a hen
and almost positive that your d'uccles are boys
I have some d'uccles and Easter eggers in my flock. Did you get your d'uccles from a straight run bin? I've heard that those bins are often almost all males.
Yes the d'Uccles were straight runs. I didn't get to pick them, but honestly not sure I could have told as they all looked identical when they were day old.

Three roosters. What do I do? lol

Anyone else?
The fiirst one looks like my easter egger hen who lays gorgeouus blue and green eggs....the d'uccle is hard to tell..I have a mille fleur myself and am still stumped on whether I have a hen or roo
I love my EE!! I love her colors. She's gold on the back of her neck, red on her chest and brown on the back. She's my sole surviving EE from a terrible raccoon incident. I have more now, but they are all still so young. Not quite out of their ugly stage.
At least d'uccles are small and sweet and not as loud as many other breeds. You should be able to rehome the boys without too much difficulty, maybe even keep one.
I intend to keep one for my second coop/run. I have 12 pullets and one roo in the 'main' coop but I have had NO luck introducing my two BO's and one EE into the flock. It's an attack every single time, I have tried all the tricks. So, I'm just going to let those three loners live with the 4 EE's, 1 silkie and however many d'Uccles I keep in a separate coop/run. I can legally keep Roos but honestly don't want to hear 4 roosters all day,lol. I have someone that will take one, possibly two if they all three end up being boys

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