Ameraucana or EE? Pullet or Cockerel?

Easter egger colored. sorry, like most Easter eggers, no official "color" on this bird. I love her blue coloring toward the tail, that's so pretty!
Thank you for your input, got her from a breeder that says she's Ameraucana but the coloring of the whole clutch (I raise her chicks about 1 - 2 months) was nothing like what I've been reading. Oh well will be interesting to see the color eggs she lays, thank goodness she's a pullet.
She's an Easter Egger. Some Easter Eggers have the correct color of legs (blue), but if they don't match one of only several color patterns, they don't qualify as Ameraucanas. Very pretty bird, though!
She is a pretty girl BUT she's troublesome....Flighty. My concern is her flying to get on top of the fence & end up over it, neighbor's dog is waiting. Would clipping her wings prevent her getting too far off the ground? Any instructions on how to do this? Hubby says rehome her...I told my Grandgirls they could have blue eggs for breakfast when they come to visit next summer....Any advice?

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