Ameraucana or something else?


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Jun 15, 2019
The hatchery I got chicks from states that all have muffs but not all have beards. I ordered two (first pic is of "both EEs"
that I received). Wondering if she is an ameraucana or something else? I'm new to chickens so advise is much appreciated. (Also new to BYC so sorry if the photos are in the middle of the text ?)
Both are 19 weeks old.

Easter Eggers can pretty much look like anything. You never know what you might get, it's one of the things I love about them... it's always a surprise :D
Those are all easter eggers. They're a mixed breed or a landrace depending on the lines and have no breed standard.
Many hatcheries advertise their EEs as Ameraucanas. But they're not. EEs are great chickens though.
Real, purebred ameraucanas should have slate legs, beards, muffs, lay blue eggs and match one of the APAs described colors.
EEs may or may not have any of those but should have some combination of those traits.

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