Ameraucana thread for posting pictures and discussing our birds

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by hcammack, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Quote:I think your husband needs to read what you wrote right there. It doesn't sound like he knows how much this meant to you. My husband is not into my birds either but if I wrote something like that & he read it, he would feel like a huge heel. [​IMG]

    Nope - sorry you got the wrong impression. I didn't mean it to sound like he was at fault in any way. He is a sensitive caring person who often reels me in before I hurt some one accidentally as I can bee too passionate about some subjects. He does a lot for me and the birds. As a matter of fact, as we were talking he had 4 baby chicks asleep in his lap and woldn't move because he didn't want to disturb them even though they had pooped on his shirt. I would never want to make my other half feel like a heel - that's just not how you want the ones you love to feel for any reason - let alone from your own hand so to speak.

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    Quote:No- I am saying she cannot ban you. Take your beautiful birds to the Nationals in Indy and start fresh. And Jean will be there to set eveybody straight- lol!

    I got conflicting reponses but the most poiniant was from CA who reminded me it's not worth arguing with my husband/best friend over this since he belives I am out of line. He's most important in my life and if he can't join me in it then I will just go to raising EEs ( which are prettier because of their variations in my opnion) or just slaughter them all for food.
    It really did mean a lot to me but not worth the heartache or trouble at home. I can give it up - I have been given so many other gifts in my life - I don't need to have it all.
    I love my husband very much
    [​IMG] I'm a little gun shy right now.

    [​IMG] What a nightmare of a first experience showing poultry.
    I do understand the judge giving first to an EE at the 4H level, if it is the only entry. Hopefully he explains to the exhibitor the faults that would have ordinarily disqualified it. I'm not sure if birds shown in those classes are judged against the other entries later anyway.

    Current VP of the APA is:
    Airling �Butch� Gunderson
    N6465 Schwantz Road--Pardeeville, WI 53954-9430
    (608) 429-9960

    Hopefully the rest of the show will be a more pleasant experience. I was immediately tempted to drive up to lend support, but pressed for time this weekend and saving for a trip to Crossroads also. Hopefully your DH can be there to lend support tomorrow; he may be more supportive than you realize, but looking at things from a slightly different angle.

    I've been involved in organizing and serving at non-poultry shows, and well know that not all volunteers are up to snuff, and combined with owner's competitive natures [and sometimes also lack of knowledge of the rules] emotions can run high. I've seen more than one event turn sour because emotions were vented instead of a calm logical discussion. Best wishes for a better remaining weekend at the show, please don't let an emotional hang-over ruin it all. [​IMG]

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    What do I check the feet for? Well as far as there being different colors birds in the pics. She told me there was a Blue Wheaton Ameraucana roo, a blue wheaton Ameraucana hen and a blue Ameraucana hen in the pen together. [​IMG]

    Quote:There are an awful lot of EEs in that picture with him. I would check his feet to be certain.
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    I'm off to go tend my P.O.W. captive birds. I'm bringing food, water, pliers, wirecutters, cage locks, and my husband may come just to keep me cool. Talk to you all tomorrow. Thank you for everything and all the support you have given me today.
    What a great community! Glad I'm part of it. More glad YOU are part of it.
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    Quote:There are an awful lot of EEs in that picture with him. I would check his feet to be certain.

    Just check for yellow soles. And get pics of the parents. I have hatched lots of SW roos and the other EEs in the pic and the incorrect spelling of wheaten are just red flags to me. He's still really pretty either way [​IMG]
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    Quote:There are an awful lot of EEs in that picture with him. I would check his feet to be certain.

    Yellow pads, Ameraucanas can't have them. I think I saw Wheatens, Blue Wheatens, Splash Wheatens, and a Silver cockeral in that pic. Someone may have seen the Silver along with the other mix of colors and thought they were EE. I always think it's better if a prospective buyer educates themselves about a breed before buying one; there's lots of info on this thread and the Ameraucana Breeders Club about them.
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    We're all learning the correct spelling of "chicken words" on here:

    Ameraucana vs. Americana
    Wheaten vs. Wheaton

    Aren't Ameraucanas known for their grayish green feet ?

    Since this is the Ameraucana Thread, maybe someone knows off the top of their heads: What are the accepted colors of Ameraucanas in the Standard ?

    My son is so ambitious. He hatched out so many hens with beautiful color patterns. He is striving to get a new color accepted into the Standard. I hear this is a lifetime work. He's 12, so I guess he has time !

    Check out our chickens on the website if you haven't seen them already.

    Thanks !
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    I have some Wheatens. I think they are just so pretty. I have never had Wheaten before.










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    Quote:Oh my gosh how horrible experience.. why is there always some bitty that has to ruin it for everyone.. and the threat that you would be banned for ever.. what.. omg.. I hope you did stay though if for no other reason than to be a thorn in in her craw..
    keep us up to date

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