Amerauna with a beak problem.

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Nov 21, 2020
This is my Ameraucana, she is 7 months old. I think her beak is overgrown. I have looked at pictures and I see Ameraucanas with curved beaks, but this looks too curved to me. She is eating, but prefers to eat out of my hand. Any advice would be helpful.
Can you get more pics from other angles? It looks as though there’s something wrong with the bottom half from this pic. You can trim little bits off the top every so often. Make sure she has a brick to swipe her beak on too, that’s how they keep it in check.
I would also like to see a picture from another angle. I'm trying to see if there is something wrong with the bottom beak and if you can somehow trim the top part of the beak.
For now, a deep deep dish of food may help her eat better.
From this picture, it appears that the problem is with her bottom beak. It’s too stubby somehow and the top beak curls over it.
You will probably need to trim back the top.
This looks like a malformation of the mandible to me. It is much too short and give the appearance of a parrot beak.

Only thing to help her would be shortening the upper part carefully, like already mentioned and providing deep and well filled dishes with food and water.
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