Amerecauna, right?


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Well, thoughts?
If they're a slate color, you might have some actual Ameracaunas....but then there must be muffs, beards and tailios! It's very frustrating when you're really after Ameracaunas and end up with EE's..not that there's anything wrong with EE's, I love mine to pieces! I'm done hatching this year, but next spring I think I'll go on the hunt for some of these.
These are what mine looked like when I first bought them. And mine also have the gray legs.
They have little puffy cheeks, so I'm pretty sure they are purebred
Chicky Tocks, you're so right on how sweet they are. My three little ones love lots of attention, and they are the sweetest little birds.
the cutest, I'm just hoping for a purebred one. Every where I look it says this is the purebred pattern and coloring. Also, EE means an amerecauna or aracauna hybrid with some other chicken that still has the blue egg laying gene, right?
No, sorry, Easter Eggers are a mixed breed that can carry the blue egg gene, but may not. EEs can lay any color egg, have any color plumage and any color legs. Ameraucanas are a specific breed with 8 certain colors only, slate legs, reddish bay eyes, beards and muffs. There are Ameraucanas, Araucanas and what most hatcheries sell, Easter Eggers, though they call them Ameraucanas in error. I have raised Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucanas and have a couple of EEs, too. They are great birds.

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