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    I saw Amer Breese chicks for sale on CL. I want to raise my own meat and currently have New Hamps growing now. When I saw the Breese for sale I inquired about how big they get. The reply was his are 10- 18 lbs! Whoa!
    I looked on BYC under Breeds for more info and also googled, but can't find much info. Do those weights seem a bit too good to be true or is that what meat chickens can weigh?
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    Too good to be true.

    Bresse chickens are famous for the quality of the meat, not the quantity.
    I'd say 7 lbs. is probably top weight.
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    Jan 16, 2016
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    We have Bresse too. We havent done it yet, but I believe the only way they're going to get one that big is by caponizing it and put it through a rigorous fattening/feed schedule, which from my understanding was the traditional way.
    There is video (in French of course) of special fattening cages being built for the Bresse and how they're fed on YouTube.
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