American Onagadori crossed with EE hen


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I have 5 cockerels that are 5 1/2 months old. The dad is an American Onagadori from a breeder in Cali. The mom is an EE. They have more of the AO traits. Their tails and saddle are already magnificent. I think I need to thin out a bit since I got one hen with this group. What would you suggest I list them as? I live in rural TN and no one around knows what an AO is. I don't want to misrepresent anything. Would one of this fantastic rooster be a good show bird or do they have to be one pure breed? I am just a farm girl, I don't know much except these are way too special to just be sold at market as "fancy". Any help would be appreciated. I will post a pic of the hen I got and some of the roos. The pics are from about a month ago, though, and they have really grown out there tails and saddles quite a bit more.

all you could sell those for is a longtail ee cross, nothing more.

Onagadori in itself is a misleading term, because there are no pure ones in the US to start with, they are all project birds. I'm sure you got them from Tommy and he has some excellent ones, just thought I should tell you that, that they are projects. True onagadori sell for around $1500- $3000 per male depending on quality, but Japan has a band on exporting them as they are a national tressure to them and dont want anyone to have them. They gave us a few males way back when they brought a few to the Worlds fair, since then, it's just been select cross breeding to try to keep their traits alive here.
Just a little history on them for you, lol

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