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    Hi. :frow

    Silly newbie question here; I'm planning on picking up some Americana chicks (pullets, actually) in a few days and was wondering, are there any apparent indications or clues in the bird's appearance that may be a clue to the color of egg it may lay? I know there is no definite way to tell, but if there is a way that would increase the chances to something a little above "crap shoot" I would appreciate knowing. :hugs
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    No way to know until they lay. Called them EEs and you won't look like a newbie. I try to stay away from the more colorful EEs as time a time again they tend to be males.
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    Easter Eggers (EE) are a cross between a blue layer, usually an Ameraucana, and a brown layer. This allows for a variety of colored eggs. First generation lays blue-green eggs, while the following generations can lay pretty much any color. These chicks are often sold by hatcheries as "Americana" in attempt to make them seem like the rare and expensive "Ameraucana", but this is misleading. I am told there is some link between a pea comb and blue eggs, but theres no way to tell for sure until they lay an egg.

    If you're buying from a feed store, be sure to check out my guides (links are in my signature) to help you pick out the chicks you want!
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    Yeah, that much I do know about them (that they are a hybrid, not a true breed). And really, I am a newbie of sorts, and I'm not ashamed of admitting it. I've had chickens for many years but never really sat down and learned about them. So I guess that makes me more of an 'experienced novice' than a newbie? :p

    Buying from a feed store, not an actual breeder. Thanks for the links (and the tips, all of you) I'll check them out.

    EDIT: Just thought I'd add, the store I am getting them from is Carolina Fresh farms in Rock Hill, SC, and they get their stock from Mt Healthy Hatchery.
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