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I got some Americana chick's from someone who ordered them online from They are straight run a mix of blues and blacks. One is a beautiful Grey blue, 2 others are a darker blue and the rest are black. I figured since they were from a breeder not a hatchery they would be good quality for breeding or using in 4h. I am new to chickens, this is my first summer with them. It appears to me some of them look like they have a single comb. Some I guess don't look like mutch I guess they are pea combs which is what I thought Americans were supposed to have. I think they are at least 5 weeks old. Is it a true Americana if it has a single comb, do pea combs sometimes look like single combs. If it is a single comb can it be used for 4h. If you need pics let me know. I will have to go outside to catch them
Unfortunately you've run into a very common issue for a beginner chicken owner. Hatcheries are notorious for mis-labling Ameraucanas, and offering Easter Eggers (a mixed unregulated breed that looks somewhat similar) instead of purebreds.

One good hint that you are dealing with this situation is that the hatchery mis-spells them as Americanas.

Here is an amazing informational website that includes a good break-down of what a true Ameraucana looks like, and features they should have:

You have a good start in that you know your birds should have pea combs. I recommend buying from auctions on this website. For the large part, this is a very honest community of breeders.
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They came from a breeder and they were labeled Americana. The color of them seems to be spot on, but they still have more feather to come in and some feathers were picked out due to crowding in the brooder. Does a pea combs on a male when it starts to develops look like a single
Cutipatooti, you need to learn to spell the names of your chickens. The breeder does sell Ameraucanas, not americanas, and I imagine they would be unhappy to be accused of selling mutts! I know you meant no harm, but it is important to get it right ;)

So now start a new thread using the correct name, or do a search up above for the ameraucana thread. Lots of knowledgable people who will help you there.

And I hope you have the prettiest ameraucanas in the county!

Ha ha! I had to edit for my own spelling:lol:
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Sorry about the spelling, I definitely Ment no harm, just not a good speller. I will restart the thread and try to add pics. Pretty or not we will love them anyway.
I need to read better :p. I looked at the FancyChick site, and I have to agree with Kikiriki, as they offer actual Ameraucanas there (a rare find).

Ameraucana breeders strive VERY hard to uphold the standard of their breed, even going so far as to deeming their own non-standard purebreds as EEs (which are technically considered mutts).

A lot of hatcheries spread misinformation, and misspellings about their breed, which frustrates them a lot.

Congratulations on your birds, it's not very common that people get ahold of this beautiful breed!
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