Amorous Rooster


8 Years
Jun 15, 2014
Good Afternoon everyone. My hobby is chickens and I love it. But even though I've read a lot of books and had chickens since '14, theres a lot I need to learn. I have 2 big handsome Buff Orpington roosters and 13 lovely hens of same breed. Here in PA, the days are getting sunnier and hotter. My amorous alpha male has rubbed ALL the feathers off two or three hens. I'm so worried about sunburn (their skin is very red). I've been getting the hens at night and applying sunscreen to their backs I hope this is safe to do. When I can I rub aloe lotion on their backs. But since I've been chasing them some they don't want to let me get close I'm trying to earn their trust again but I'd like to know what else I can do.

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