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Hi :( even though turkeys are known for perching, roosting and flying- this little guy failed at all three and fell of a perch (4 ft in the air) and broke his humerus. He is about 3 months old, a blue slate and he is my flipping buddy- his name is Duke.
His wing will not stay braced and the vet says we should amputate it. Has anyone ever had a turkey/chicken with one wing? How did they do?

I slept with him on the bathroom floor last night while his pain meds kicked in...I'm just so worried how he would adjust.

(We had pins and screws put into our puppy's leg when she fell first day we had her- in retrospect I would have had it removed. She was in a cast, had 3 surgeries and couldn't walk for almost 3 said she would have been up and moving a LOT better/sooner had we just taken it off. Animals do not have the stigma of "poor you or poor me" that humans do- I just want him up and about sooner so he is not in a kennel for 3 months like she is saying if we have it pinned.
My concern is for his balance....any input?)
I have a hen with one wing... When she was a chick one of my turkeys grabbed her and broke her humerus. It was a nasty open fracture that I tried to splint, but the wing turned necrotic, so I chopped it off just below the elbow. She gets around just fine, but can't roost any higher than she can jump.
How is Gertie doing. That was incredible surgery
The turkey will adapt just fine.

The only problem is that he will make a lopsided roast turkey, with a wing missing, so I think you should keep him as a pet.

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