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    Dec 14, 2013

    We are by no means experienced chicken keepers, however we are noticing an interesting trend with our birds. We have a rather motley crew; two pekin bantam hens and one half grown chick, one d'uccle and two silkie bantams.

    One of the silkies however is a rooster (ansum he is too), the funny thing is is that the two pekin hens are totally dominant within the pecking order. One is more so and after sparring the cockerel leaves her be now and is currently in the process of testing the other one - and is not being very successful at that either. It is even at the point where the more dominant hen stands in the doorway to the coop and refuses entry to all, relegating the cockerel and the two others (d'uccle and silkie hen) to sleeping underneath the house, at which point we invariably have to manually put them to bed.

    Is this behaviour likely to continue or as times goes on will the Rooster assert himself?


    By the way we have had the silkies for a few months and the pekins have had about 6 or 7.
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    As he matures it is likely that the cockerel will assert his dominance.

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