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  1. Tonight I was tucking the ducks, geese and chickens in for the night. I fed them, brought them treats gave them fresh water. Since it was still light, I decided to sit in their pen for a bit. They have not been allowed to free range for a week. It looked crowded in there though no one was complaining.
    I hated to leave them alone after dark since the bobcat attacks. I lost 10 chickens in 2 nights. The 2 lone survivors were in a new pen trying to fit in. I only bought them a week ago. I got 10 pullets 2 rooster. All that's left of that flock is one ugly speckled naked neck pullet with a crooked tail and a young black rooster with a rose comb, pretty mutt.
    As I was sitting, this little hen jumped on my chair and then on my shoulder. She was talking like chickens do. I wish I could understand chicken. It was at the moment when she tucked her head and neck under my chin that I finally understood why some people passionately love their chickens. This was a survivor of 2 bobcat attacks which took 10 of her flock. I know nothing about her except she traumatized and very frightened, but she trusted me enough to approach me and show affection. I had no idea how much heat a naked neck radiates, her neck felt hot under my chin. My immediate response was to stroke her and assure her that it will be OK.
    I just had to share this with others who may understand.

  2. Sorry for the double post. Seems I was distracted and had a "senior moment" [​IMG]
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    Awwww, that is so sweet. Lovely she feels safe with you.
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    And thank you for sharing too. I love your story. Yes, chickens are just the best. [​IMG]
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    Sweet. That little naked neck hen may become one of your favorites. Sorry about the other losses.

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