An amusing old short, improved by the MST3K crew, "The Chicken of Tomorrow"

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    I've always loved this MST3K short, an old '50's short about chicken raising, now that I have my own backyard flock, it's even funnier,many I'm starting to recognize some of the breeds shown... B.C. (Before Chickens ;) ) I just saw them as "chickens"

    The sad thing is, look at chicken farming back then, compared to the factory farms of today, you could see the early cancerous cells of factory farming starting to develop, but for the most part, the hens were free to roam, and had the company of roosters

    Keep an eye out for Crow at around 8:50 in, he tries to "eat" one of the chicks :)
    Oh, and let's try to forget that "special photography" technique...

    "Betty, *must* you sit *in* dinner?!?
    "40 piece chicken nugget to go!"
    "Ahh yes, chicken sliced to the width of *one* electron..."
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Thanks for sharing the link, I haven't watched a MST3K short for a few years now but always used to enjoy them. That was a pretty good one. Some things have changed and some haven't. I was wondering by the end of the short if this wasn't more about the trucks than the chickens!

    I enjoyed that!

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