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    Okay so I have the fuzzy butt fever and when I said I wanted only 6 chickens it somehow grew to 10 and in 2 weeks it will grow to 16 and in the spring ---- let's not even go there! It is my husbands fault you know, he just keeps giving me more space and I HAVE to fill it!!!! Any way, I had an 11 pound feeder in the run and a 7 pound one cheapy crappy one I got a TSC. The problem was the girls kept billing all the food out of them because the trays are small depth wise on them and they would make a mess on the ground with it and on the floor of the coop soooooo ----- I thought since the flock is growing by leaps and bounds and the girls are getting older I needed at least one more bigger one. The 11 pound one is a nice one and it has a center spring that you can raise the bucket to release more food or tighten it to not let it flow so fast and I liked that because all I had to do to let it come down more was to rotate it back and forth a few times and it would bring down more food without making a mess but the tray is shallow and for bigger girls they just bill it out to fast. I went to many different companies and looked at feeders but I did not want metal and I wanted something with the spring mechanism inside and I wanted one that would hang, and have a top so they could not sit on it and poop in the food. I finally ended up at Flemming Outdoors and I found a 22 pound feeder by the same company with the same mechanism and I was able to get a cone plastic top for it for a couple more dollars that fits tight on it! It is so GREAT that I immediatly ordered another with a lid for it and they had the big 3 gallon plastic waterers that the base just slides on also so I got one of those too. The feeder has a 4 1/4 inch deep tray and it has the grated in it and the girls love it, they can not bill out the food and it holds enough that I do not have to fill it every day or two, and as the flock grows it will be enough for them when I have two of them. Flemming shipped it out immediatly and I got it 2 days. The price was a bit higher then some other companies but they also take Pay Pal and I was extremely happy with the service and the feeders. I figure by next year I will have close to 30 chickens and the two big feeders out in the runs and the 11 pounder inside in the day will be enough to keep them happy. I do always take my feeders in at night to keep the temptation away from the predators also. Anyway here is a pic of the feeder and I did get a cone white plastic top that fits over the top of it so the girls can not get on it and yes it is hangable too. I am very pleased with it. Trudy [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Thanks for sharing. My question is...can't it rain & get the food wet?
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    They have dome tops available for outdoor use and keeping birds off them. [​IMG] Best price I ever found on them so far is at double R supply. $16.00 for the 11lb and $19.99 for the 22lb.
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    I have this same feeder and it is wonderful! Large capacity and convenient. I got mine at along with a 5 gallon waterer. Both items have been money well spent! I need to order one more of each since I have 4 week old Cochins that will be going to the other side of my coop soon! [​IMG]
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    I have 5 of the same feeder [​IMG] they work great i have 2 in large and 3 in medium.
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    Quote:I have mine in a large coverd run and it would have to rain extremely hard to get wet. The top makes it so the girls can not sit on it and poo down inside of it. The deep tray is fabulous for them not being able to bill out the food. I have it up on bricks and it is just chin level for them now.
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    I have the same feeder!!! They didn't have the top at the feed store though... I'll have to look for it next time I go! I got their waterer too... I love them!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:same here, i'll have to look for the lids next time
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