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Jul 23, 2021
I joined up just now because we (My wife and I) anre looking to move within the next few months to a place that has room and allows us to raise animals, and chickens are the first animals we want to try. We appreciate self-sustainability and where we live now, the city code specifically prohibits any livestock or fowl. We also need much more land.
I figure that raising chickens will be a great primer/gateway to having other animals. Wife has mentioned alpacas, goats, etc. Gotta take a step somewhere and the first step is education. I was turned on to this site in the comments section of a YouTube video I was watching, (Stoney Ridge Farmer) and his video on dealing with "Pasty Butt" or "Poopy Butt". Stoney Ridge Farmer - How to Get Rid of Poopy Butt
Anyhow, someone who is a member here (RIR chicks) has a comment about this site so I checked it out and just decided to join.

We have 3 kids - 10, 9 and 5 and we homeschool, so the kids will have an education coming in the fall hopefully once we can move.
You have some wonderful adventures ahead of you -- moving away from restrictive city rules and getting your first chickens! And, you couldn't have picked a better community to help you learn, and offer support, information and encouragement when you need it.

Welcome to BYC! We'll be waiting to help when you make the big move!

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