An Introduction To My Bathing Birds


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Jan 26, 2011
My house :D
This here is Jumper taking a dust bath with a few friends. She is actually my neighbor's special chicken but I take care of her.

Here is the girls still taking a dust bath. From left to right, it's Alaska, Airborne, Penguin, and Comet who seconds after the picture was taken blocks the view of the chickens dust bathing. She's an attention hog.

Airborne makes it clear she does not appreciate me interrupting her dust bath.

Penguin doesn't care and continues to kick up sand.

Fluffet thinks she's too clean for a dust bath so she just sits there.

And yawns.

Those were all older pictures, and here is what I see when I come outside now.

This here is Airborne who happens to have quite an attitude, but I love her anyhow.

Next is Alaska who is one of the smallest chickens, and was the first to jump the fence. She's quite an escape artist. (Don't mind the over-exposed face please.)

Comet is a feisty little character who is always looking for food.

Epic Epidermis got her name from a random inside joke between my best friends and I. She's a gentle giant though.

Fluffet is the one with the smallest comb and the chicken who escapes from the run ands waits for me on the back porch. (She knows I bring treats and wants dibs.)

Jumper is the darkest one making her easy to pick out. She's also quite photogenic.

Luna is the only chicken who will not let me check under her for eggs while she's in the nest box, and whenever I try she gets this crazy look on her face. It is quite hilarious, but it's difficult to capture on camera.

Penguin, on of my favorites, is the most friendly.

Pipsqueak, who is the only one of my chickens with a boyfriend, is a constantly hungry bully. (I apologize for the blurry picture. She doesn't sit still.)

Tabi is another one of my chickens with a major attitude. She's also the lightest colored making her easy to pick out as well.

Tess is one of the more mellow, small chickens, but she's a good girl.

White-Feather is our nest box bandit. Usually she attempts to take boxes from other chickens instead of finding her own.

Here are some random pictures as well.

This is our coop, and a view of the nest boxes and slats below the roost.

Comet is sitting on the outdoor roost.

Which of my chickens was your favorite? I'm just curious to see if some are more favored with BYC than others.
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Jul 25, 2011
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I love a good dust bath, don't you??? Yeah, until THE SHAKE and it all goes flying! Great pics of your lovely ladies. Love the "stink eyes"-there's a thread in this forum for those pics too, if you haven't been there.


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May 7, 2011
I have 4 BR's. Two pullets and two cockerels. They are my faves. The cockerels are sweet too, and they get along well. Mylo is growing up into a great alpha roo. He's being pretty gentle with the girls, and calling them for goodies, and treats them like ladies. And he's not human aggressive.

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