Ancona Ducklings and Hatching Eggs


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Mar 19, 2014
Yukon, Oklahoma
Khawdash Hatchings

I am the Owner of Khawdash Hatchings and I am currently taking orders for a spring waiting list. I SHIP Ancona Ducklings and Hatching eggs. Ancona's are a dual purpose, critically endangered breed of duck. They lay 250+ Blue, Green, or White Eggs a year.

I raise, breed, and sell ALL possible colors of Anconas so you will get great diversity of color with ducklings, I also have COLORED EGGS. I separate into breeding pens to get the best quality, conformation, color, and markings from all my breeders. This is my sole focus and the only breed of poultry I own. There is tons of information on my website as well as lots of pictures. Feel free to checkout my Facebook page as well :) If you have absolutely any questions at all feel free to ask away, I am happy to answer anything you would like to know.

Day Old Ducklings: $8 or 15+ for $7 a piece + shipping My Wait List for Spring Ducklings is Currently FULL!! I am starting a Fall wait list and if I have extras or anyone cancels people on that list will be bumped up to Spring!!

Hatching eggs: Price includes shipping! I ALWAYS send EXTRAS!! I Have Spring Spots for Eggs OPEN
(6+) $25
(12+) $45
(18+) $60
(24+) $75
(30+) $88
(36+) $98


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When will they day olds/ hatching eggs be available? I would like to buy both ducklings and hatching eggs. How many day old can you ship together?

I can fit 18 in a small box, I can get a bigger box if need be and fit around 35 in that box. I will start hatching in early March. I have a wait list and will go down the list of orders once I start hatching. It's a good idea to get on the list right now for both. You don't have to pay now but it gets you down and in line to make sure you get what you want since I'm filling up quickly.
May I ask to be put on the list?

Of course. Would you mind messaging me your home address, a phone number for the PO to call you at when the ducklings arrive, the best way for me to contact you (if it's on here or your phone number that's fine, just let me know) and then how many eggs you'd like and how many ducklings you'd like? Once you send me all that I'll get your right down and let you know a total for everything including shipping for ducklings :)

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