Ancona Hatching Eggs

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    Apr 1, 2011
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    I have black and white ancona ducks, all are NPIP certified.
    I have tested the fertility of these eggs and they are doing very well. I have 2 sets in my incubators right now. The first has 8 out of 12 fertile, and the second batch has 10 out of 12 fertile and growing.
    I will have a dozen ready to send out Monday (collected today and monday morning). These will be pure ancona, I just don't need to put any more in my incubators!
    $15 for the dozen, I will send extras if I have them. Shipping is a flat rate of $20 so the total will be $35 for 12-16 eggs (depending on the extras I collect).
    Please PM me and I will send my PayPal address.

    I pack them VERY well and do NOT mark the box as I find it draws attention.

    My drake has more little spots which is what I am breeding for. The hens have a lot of spots on their heads with larger spots on their backs and sides.

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