And I finally get the happy ending :)

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    I got nine straight run chicks from TSC (by accident) they were light Brhamas. We think 7 were roo's. NO ONE wanted these guys. I asked everyone I knew who had chickens and they said no. I even had two people before I got the chickens that said if I got any roo's they would take them!!!!!! They changed ther minds. So my final attempt was craigslist. And I knew right then they were going to be meat chickens. I mean they are brahmas and there free and there is 7 of them. A couple hours after I posted I got an email saying I'm instrinsted in your chickens. I said to myself they roosters, fact f the manner is roosters aren't all going to be able to find homes. I dropped them off at the lady's house and she is keeping them ALL as pets!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    She dosnt have any hens tho, just my guys. He had five kids and they were SOOOOO excited and Happy! I hand raised these things so I feel so accomplished!!!! She said he had chickens before but she had to get rid of them because she had no were to keep them in the winter. But now she does. She said her littlest boy used to spend hours a day with the birds. I'm so happy that I could get him such loving birds. I am just so glad!!!!
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    Awww, that's wonderful! There are great people out there, you just gotta find them. I'm sure your boys will live a happy life with her!
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    [​IMG] That is so nice!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Great! [​IMG]

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