And I thought I would have a chicken problem...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Supermommy486, May 23, 2010.

  1. Supermommy486

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    Apr 8, 2010
    South Central Texas
    We go into the feed store last weekend to grab a bag of feed and my local store is having 'chick days'. We go in and they have RIR's along with ducks ect. DH starts in on how we just sold off some roo's and should get a couple RIR pullets...
    ME being the voice of reason this time (For some reason) said no. We went to another store and while there I decided that we could go on ahead and get TWO.

    Here I thought I would be the one always wanting new (I'm a real softie for animals period)
    SO now we have two chicks hanging in the brooder that are too cute!
  2. gryeyes

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    Wish I could say the same thing..... I live alone. Well, no other homo sapiens, that is. And I, too, went to the feed store today.

    Before I went, I was 7 birds over the legal limit (of 13). Now I'm 11 over... wait, I just remembered, "immature offspring not yet at sexual maturity" do not count! There are only NINE growed up chickens - all the rest, including the ducks, are immature offspring at various ages not yet sexually mature, and they're SOMEBODY'S offspring, even if they weren't hatched at my house. Right??

    I fell in love with some photos of white EEs here on BYC on Friday. Guess what were at the feed store? A couple of the EE chicks were all white/golden, so ummm maybe the one I bought will turn out all white. I bought the most feathered one; I prefer to buy the older chicks that didn't get sold from the last delivery before the next delivery arrived.

    Then, ya can't buy just ONE chick..... and if I had just ONE white chicken, that would be a bulls-eye for predators, wouldn't it? It's one reason why I have never bought white chickens, but those white EEs here on BYC posts..... so I picked up a Delaware pullet chick, too.

    Oh, and several weeks ago, I bought 2 straight run Silver Sebrights, and I glanced into that chick bin, and there was ONE much older than the others, poor thing! Okay, that's three chicks..... wait, are those Golden Sebrights in there too? Okay, give me the most feathered of those, too.

    Four new chicks. And the last batch of chicks I bought are due to go outside NEXT weekend. At least they aren't using the heat lamp any more, so I could whip up a small brooder with that lamp, to use until the larger brooder is available next weekend.

    Chicken problem? Me? No doubt about it!
  3. Boo-Boo's Mama

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    I just called my DH to tell him before he goes to work that there was a post on Craig's List that someone from our small town has 12 EE's (11 laying hens & 1 roo) for $100! He did not sound impressed in the least!
  4. Supermommy486

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    Apr 8, 2010
    South Central Texas
    LOL. At least I'm not alone![​IMG] And what a deal!!!![​IMG]
  5. felidaet

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    Dec 10, 2008
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    Be careful if you are buying laying hens from a Craigslist add. Many people try to pass off older birds as a lot younger than they really are on craigslist. You might be buying an old flock that is about done laying.

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