And I thought waiting only 21 days was a piece of cake....

Melissa Rose

8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
South Texas
I have literaly waited for 11 and a half months for a Central American Ornate Wood Turtle to hatch
so I thought that only waiting 21 days for my chickies would be a walk in the park. It's not
I have totally worn the carpet through to the wood in the hallway walking back and forth to see if they have hatched! I also confiscated one of our security cameras and pointed it at the incubator and streamed it to my computer! This did not help!!!! I am about to start chewing my finger nails and I DONT chew nails
I even took my laptop into the incubator room and played sounds of baby chicks chirping! I thought it might help them decide to hatch
!!!! OHHHH this is going to be a loooooong dayyyyyyyyyyy


8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
Coshocton, Ohio- 3 Years Ckns
That's funny! I have had my first batch of eggs in for 7 days and am soooo impatient. Hope I am doing it right and they all hatch.

I have done some candling but kinda afraid to take them all out of the bator then put them back cause of the heat loss but I guess mama does get off the nest once in a while.


11 Years
Feb 12, 2009
I found that only the first hatch was torture. After that one, I just didn't pay that much attention until day 18. Then it was game on. I have, one incubator in an upstairs closet lockdown starts friday, 2 broody hens due this weekend and another bator down on our attached garage that has a staggered hatch in it. Good luck. Michele

HorseFeatherz NV

Eggink Chickens
10 Years
May 12, 2009
Sierra Foothills of Reno, NV many days you got left?

For me, egg in the bator are hard - I am always checking on them. Now when they are under a broody.........I seem to be able to wait until I hear the sweet little peep peep sounds coming from under mom.

Have a broody hatching chicks right now

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