And one was missing!!!

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9 Years
May 7, 2010
I got home from work last night, set down to watch some TV. I was kind of comfortable, so I thought I'd kick the recliner up. Well that felt even better so I leaned BACK in the recliner. Darn it if my shirt wasn't just a bit tight around my neck so I loosened it, unbuttoned the front and just opened it and breathed deep for a bit. I must admit my eyes were getting pretty heavy, and I wasn't really watching TV, just sort of listening to it when I feel a timid little foot on my leg. I popped my right eye open and low and behold.. A barred rock is examining my belt! It cautiously makes it way directly over my chest, sort of turns around once or twice and settles down facing the TV. I close my eyes, all seems well. Then a thought occurs, I raise my head and in a loud bold voice say, "Just don't poop on me!" Chicken looks at me, back at the TV, back at me... and I hear the audible "squirt" that simultanously announces that the chicken did not heed my request and that I must now launder my shirt. I picked her up and put her back in the brooder (behind the couch) and then realize, "Just how the heck did she get out???"

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