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8 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Hi all!
I'm wondering whether I can pick up my pullets before we have the buried wire in the ground or if I should wait? I'm not sure what digging predators I would need to worry about during the day. My dogs are behind a chain link fence and there are no others that come around. I'd leave my chickens in the run during the day and locked up tight at night in an elevated coop. I'm just really anxious to bring them home!
We need to finish the nesting boxes and put on coop doors and the wire. I wonder if that will suffice while we paint and put in the underground barrier. Could be another week or two. The lady selling them is wondering if I've bailed on her, i think. Haha

Thanks :)
I would probably say wait just because it makes life easier if everything is done and you don't have to worry about what could happen. Also better safe then sorry! at least finish in the coop and the nesting boxes first so if a predator gets in the fenced in area the critters can be in a nice safe finished environment!
Oh, definitely. And I think you're probably right. I'm just so anxious. Every weekend we think we'll be done and one week turns into 3, then I fear 5. Ugh!
But no, I don't even want predators in the run. It would probably embolden them for later. We'll work harder!! :) lol
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