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Mar 29, 2009
Last night I went on lockdown, was up until midnight trying to get the humidity down and the temp up, finally got the temp up to 99 and the humidity down to 70% and needed to call it a night. Well I woke up to find my humidity at 73% and my temp down to 97.9. Help!! What's going on, everything was perfect for the first 18 days. I'm using a brand new Hova-bator 1588. Do I dare touch the temp and risk cooling the eggs more. I set 7 eggs and all 7 made it to lockdown, I don't want to loose any now!!
Oh geez! That stinks.

If it makes you feel any better, I had the same thing happen to me last night. I'm on day 11 and everything has been perfect. All of a sudden temps are all over the place. I think I've determined that it's my thermometer. You might want to pick up another just to see.

Good luck!
I'm hoping that is what it is. The hovabator manual says to trust it for the first hatch. My husband had to remind me that Mama hen doesn't have one! I just don't want to let my little girls down. They've been cheering for the chicks everyday and asking every morning, "did they hatch while I was asleep"?
At this point I wouldn't change the incubator's setting. A *known* precision thermometer would be a good acquisition for you. The Brinsea "Spot Check" also known as the "Egg Temp" is one of the best ones. The wallyworld thermometers apparently are non-precise and can drift on their readings.

In regards to your present hatch...I've read a few places where it is recommend that the temperature *drop* a degree or so the last three days. ??? I really haven't read of anyone here on BYC mentioning it (not to say they haven't) but it kind of makes sense being as once the chicks start pipping and ah zipping and ah hatching the temperature is going to rise back up naturally a bit anyhow.

Best wishes,
You are close enough to hatch you should be fine. does the temp in the house go down at night ? as the chicks get close to hatch they start to produce their own body heat . good luck keep us up dated
Can't always count on some thermometers. I had two in they read 2 degrees apart. give or take. I got a new incu and it read 99.5 give or take til I turned the turner on and put in the eggs. Then 100.4 now 99.8 on the new digital. On the one that came w/ the incu near abouts the same 98 I guess. Hum will fluctuate but you won't get a steady reading, at least I don't think.
Pulled the vent plug as that's when the temp went up. Now it's lower but got no choice. so I figure . 2-.3 won't be too bad.
Is your incu in a "room" that holds a steady temp. This incu is in my office and it holds a reasonable steady temp of 80. Instructions say a steady "room" temp of 70-80 is good.
Last time old incu was in the dinningroom. No steady temp there. Doors opening and closing etc. etc. Hova bator 1602N
New is Hova bator Genesis 1588. Hope this helps my hatches.

This is a brand new out of the box incu.

All the best

Thank you all for the reassurances! I couldn't take the temp so I broke out the heat lamp, don't know if this was a good idea or not, I have it far enough away that it is just helping enough to get me to 99 humidity has slowly started to go down I'm at 68% now. The temp in the room is constant, but only at 65 so the incubator probably needs to work a little harder. Has anyone else experienced problem when the turner goes in or comes out? I don't know if that was my problem, or if I put too much water in at one time.

I will definitely invest in the egg temp, this radio shack thing is making me crazy! I put the whole thing in the bator because it wasn't reading accurately and yet the inside temp is one thing and the outside temp (from the probe) is something else!!
I dont know if this will help, but as your temp drops in the bator your humidity will rise. Adjust and get your temp where you need it and the humidity will follow suit. Good Luck!
I never thought of that, but it makes sense. Sometimes when my emotions are involved common sense goes flying out the window
My same experience with my Hovabator 1588.. Very poor hatches with all over the place temps using reliable thermometers. I sold it and am going to spring for the Brinsea Octagon EX advanced. I borrowed one and have eggs in it now. Set it and forget it. Unbelievable. I've spent TONS of $$ on eggs that never hatched and I think it was just a marginal incubator.

I know the Brinsea is expensive, but so are the eggs. I figure I can always sell it if/when I stop incubating and get most of my $$ back.

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