And then there was one


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
I let my chickens out to free range yesterday like I always do when I'm home and everything was fine until some dog I've never seen showed up and began to systematically wipe out my flock. I was inside when I heard one of my neighbors screaming and I run outside to see the devastation left by that dog. Out of nine birds only one survived the attack but I'm scared she may die of a stroke and I only found five other bodies. Now I'm typically not a violent person but I don't think I have ever wanted something dead so bad in my whole life.

When I track down the owners of this dog they will get one warning, and that is if I ever see it on my property again it's life is forfeit.

So now that I have given my rant I like now like to have a moment of silence for the following

Afro Thunder the Polish rooster

Gator Bait the Barred Rock hen

Throatwarbler Mangrove the Partridge Rock hen

Daisy the White Rock hen

Olivia the Black Austrolorp hen

Ruby, Rodest and Skittle the Red Sex Link hens.
Thanks for the support. I don't know what I would do without this community. My girls and boy will be missed I just hope I find the owners of that dog. My neighbors think they have found them now I just gotta go talk to them and try to control myself.

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