Angel wing in a call duckling?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jerseygirl1, Jul 13, 2011.

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    What would cause angel wing in a call duckling? Someone had said it's from too much protein in their feed, but out of 9 ducklings, only one got it? I thought it was genetic? Any cure for it? Poor thing keeps falling over on it's back
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    I'm not sure why it's falling over? Angel wing is when the very tip of the wing folds outward away from the body, doesn't have anything to do with walking around, the duck will act normal, just have wing tips going out and away from the body. Both my call ducks developed it, and I have them wrapped up. It is fixable if you get them wrapped in time.

    I too am confused on why mine have it. I was worried about it and put the babies on a low protein feed and really watched their intake of food, and there they are, both with it. One has it on both wings, the other on just one. I switched their food early, at about 2 weeks of age, before wing growth started. So there must be more to it than too much protein. I'm not finding very much information about it though as far as causes go. General consensus is too much protein. Mine don't free range, so I know they're not gorging themselves on crickets when I'm not looking.

    You'll need to separate the baby, and if it really has angel wing, you'll need either vet wrap or the same type of wrap that people use. It comes in a roll, found at any drug store (the people kind anyways). I've found it's much easier with two people, one to hold the wings in place where they belong (fold them in how they would look normally) and then another person to wrap.

    You have to be careful with wrapping, you want it snug, but not tight enough to inhibit walking or breathing. I wrapped at an angle, to where it covered more of the back but didn't interfere with the workings of the legs. It was more spread out on the top and more layered on the bottom, if that makes sense. Using the belly up front to help hold it in place.

    The duck will be very upset, and will try to pick it off. If it's on too loose, it will succeed. I had to wrap mine twice to get it right, they kept getting it off. The separation is to keep the other ducks from nibbling on it and helping it escape. The others aren't too keen on a duck wearing a wrap either.

    I just don't know why your's is having issues on balance, I didn't notice that on mine, they seem perfectly happy and normal with the exception of wing tips going out and away from the body.
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    Can you post a picture? Falling on it's back isn't consistent with angel wing. Maybe it has something else going on too?

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