Angle Help For an A Frame Needed!

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    I'm trying to build an a frame, but I'm having the hardest time figuring the angles I need to cut the wood at. It's four feet wide, and I'll be using four foot boards to make the sides of the triangles. I have a saw that comes with a nice guide to cut the angles at, but it only goes up to 45 degrees, so I'm hoping I won't have to make the cuts at an angle larger than that. I need to know the angle to cut the wood at the top of the triangles, and also the angle I'd have to make the cuts at to attach the boards to to bottom base. I'm trying to make the cuts to the two four foot boards that will make the sides of the triangles, if that wasn't clear. Thanks for any help! This thing is really giving me a headache :he

    Edited to add: I know that each angle should be 60 degrees, since each side is the same length. What I need to know is what angle to set my saw to when making the cuts on each board.
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    If you were building a picture frame, each of the 4 corners would be 90 degrees. The end of each board you would cut 45 degrees. Two 45 degree cuts equals a 90 degrees corner.

    Your corners are 60 degrees so you would cut each board at 30 degrees. Two 30 degree cuts equals a 60 degree corner.

    In other words take the angle you want and cut half of that angle in ech of the boards.

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