Angry Again!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by dieselgrl48, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Whaaaaa I do it to myself.First off my last hatch a week ago was bad all 3 survior's died. I hatched 3 more luckily they have been doing ok the ring neck silkie and the 2 oegb's.Yesterday I hatched 2 OEGB's.Well so I thought once they dried and fluffed I got them out of bator the youngen that's still in and I had to help it out some hopefully it will be brooder ready tomm..Anyway I had no more than had the 2 newbie's in the brooder with the 3 few day old's, DH and I were outside and daughter and grandson were in house.My daughter has 2 kitten's they about 2 month's old.Baby had opened front door let the cat's in.Gaaaaaaaa I didn't close sunroom door where brooder was.I heard loud PEEP when I walked in.That cat was just toying hard on that new black silkie chick.Gaaaaaaaaa.I was angry at the cat at first... we didnt want anymore here anyway.But.... They have had the run's, in babie's table in his food, poooin every where including our NEW outside lawn chair cushion's.[​IMG].She doesn't take any responsibilty for them.Even the grandson who is 2 goes see chcik's and he shut's the door back.Guess I'm the one losing it.Chick seem's ok so far though will tell more next day or so. Guess I need to build a Treehouse or something baaaaaaaa.It's an Ever Lovin Madhouse here Truely!
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