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  1. amsunshine

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    Mar 24, 2010
    OK here it is..3 stock tanks and 2 flexible covers! The topmost cover can be used to cover one single tank (with the original "topmost" cover). They started out with one tank as babies and now moved to the 3-tank setup.

    Tank 1: That's their Restaurant Kitchen. Basic Food & Water.
    Tank 2: Forage & spa area. That's where I put their goodies, weeds, sod, and on half of it there's a layer of dirt. They take a lot of dust baths there.
    Tank 3: Bed/nest area.
    Between the tanks: Observation Deck. They can fly up and look out the window from there.

    I use the deep litter system so it's not so bad. And no, I don't really have an operable family room,,,but that's OK. I might be moving soon to a place where they can be outside without a problem. Neighbors are difficult so this is my solution for now.

    What do you think?


  2. sunflowerenvy

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    Apr 4, 2010
    south/west tn
    i love it [​IMG] bbuuuuttt my hubby would shoot me if i have that in my family room [​IMG]
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  3. mikecnorthwest

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Vancouver, WA
    My Coop
    Personally I would not keep chickens in that type of housing or inside the house for that matter.
  4. usschicago1

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    Aug 11, 2009
    Taunton, MA
    Cool, Beware your going to have a lot of criticism, i was going to as well but i really don't feel like it. I would take it lightly and enjoy them [​IMG]

    Sound like there in a good home [​IMG]
  5. Germaine_11.20

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    Jun 6, 2009
    I think you are not going to be watching tv but watching your birds. It looks great and lots of fun.

    One warning which you probably know... the dander is going to be terrible. Dust everywhere--so cover up whatever you don't want the dander to penetrate. It will get into the tv, computer and muck up the insides.
  6. Lil_Miss_Farmer_Chick

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Kalkaska, Michigan
    I love the ingenuity! Great Job! [​IMG]
  7. ScaredOfShadows

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    I commented on this already when you posted pics - I love it. I know there are MANY people who have indoor chickens on BYC - and I think this is one of the best indoor chicken set ups I've seen. Now Nettie - she has ducks - runners 5 of them inside and they have their own bedroom [​IMG] now she has a great plan on making a new 'duck room' - which is completely awesome.

    Don't take folks' criticism on the indoor setup or indoor chickens - Just know that with them indoors you really need two put an air purifier or two in the room with them - to help filter some of the dander and allergens they'll put in the air. Your going to have to dust EVERY DAY - and I suggest covering up your TV with a comforter whenever your not using it - because the chicken dander could ruin the circuit boards and what not. [​IMG] Enjoy the chickens!
  8. ~*Sweet Cheeks*~

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    Mar 12, 2009
    Medford, Oregon
    It looks GREAT!! However, chicken dander WILL harm your lungs. (I work in Respiratory Services). I hope you don't have children.

    Do you have a garage or unused bedroom you could move them to, so you can shut them off and add air filtration?

    See here:
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  9. joebryant

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    Quote:I think you're not going to care about "difficult" neighbors much longer.
  10. agnes_day

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    Aug 29, 2008
    will they fit as they get older? because they look small they get bigger, i dont know how thrilled they will be in such a small space.

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