Another 6 quail to add to the 8 that hatched 4 days ago...

Discussion in 'Quail' started by CartierChicken, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Jun 11, 2011
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    Now this batch had an incubator issues, so they were without power for 8 or more hours. I was expecting them to hatch day 18 or 19, because of the temp issue. Well 5 of the 6 had pips on day 17, but nothing more by this morning, day 19. So it was time, again, to assist the hatch. I opened them all up. Several were just in the wrong position, and several of the eggs had an unbelievably think inner membrane. I was convinced that none of them would have made it out on their own. I usually discard the eggs that have no pips, but I decided to open this one carefully. Low and behold, a very healthy chick popped out [​IMG] So it looks like I got 5 white Japanese and 1 wild Japanese Jumbo.

    I think I will take a small break on hatching out more quail for now. I am incubating Yocohama chickens, and I am running out of brooder space. So when is a good age to add the chicks in with other quail?

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    i've heard that its good to move them outdoors slowly at 4 weeks, then at 6-7 weeks they are ok to go in with other quails, just watch your m/f ratio
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    Quote:In an attempt to avoid an international incident. I won't say anything about properly counting days, or not busting chicks out. [​IMG]

    move them outdoors slowly

    thing just boggles my mind. Around here, birds are either inside the house or outside the house. No middle ground there. [​IMG]

    To the OP: Not sure what your pen setup is like, but you can mix younger (SEXUALLY MATURE) birds in with the rest of your flock when they are ready.​

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