another blue egg


6 Years
Jul 19, 2013

this is the second day and she laid another blue egg She kept wanting to go under the building and we thought we had it blocked where there couldn't go but she would find a way so I finally put her in the coup and after she was there for maybe 5 minutes I went back and there was another blue egg. Does she not know where to lay? Do the egg change as they get older? Im sorry about the pic but I cant get it right Anyway I wanted to show you a pic of the hens I don't know which one is laying
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No it's in their genes lol... you have easter eggers or Americaunas or another blue/green egg layers... the shade may vary a bit but not the whole color.... tese have nice checky fluffs... nice eggs... you should keep them loked up in the coop for a couple of weeks until the afternoon.... because they will be forced to lay in the coop and then settle in... and the lay from morning to noon usually...
Thank you for the infro but I really don't know how I will lock them up cause I have 4 hens that lay in their also and the older hens are still mean to the babies so Im afraid if I don't let them out they might hurt them And I don't think one is laying yet
You have Auraucanas or some other blue egg layers, which is nothing to worry about. I am betting it's the one on the left that's laying, but you can never be sure. If one hen is laying under the coop (or whatever building) then I suggest building some nesting boxes if you don't have any. There are tons of ways to build them, but I would look on Youtube to see what would be best boxes to build. It will keep eggs in order plus a lot cleaner! I have one hen who lays in the sleeping coop, but my training has failed and she still wants to lay wherever she wants. I would suggest possibly fencing or boarding up the area she is getting under if you can.
We have nesting boxes in the coup But I wonder if the older hens aren't letting her lay But I been looking and so far I think I have caught her and put her in the coup where she did lay. I would have never in my life thought a pure black chicken was an Auraucana that seems so weird And oh I have fixed the holes where she was getting under the building
I have an all-black turquoise egg layer. Her mom is a Dominique and her papa was a mutt. People love the blue eggs! As for an easy nest box you can move around, try a covered cat box or a medium dog crate with the door removed. Just add nesting material and you have a portable nest box.

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