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    I start with getting up and finding a spider dangling from the ceiling over my face.

    The jumping spider and i stared at each other before it climbed up it's own silk to resume it's wanderings on the ceiling

    Breakfast was uneventful, oatmeal and fruit. The dog got some of it when I tripped over the bill box I stupidly left on the floor the night before.

    I headed into the bathroom for my morning routine which took longer than usual as I stared through the viewing window of my incubator, dreaming of what little chicks will come out. The excitement never fades with each hatch.

    my cat wandered in and i leaned down to let her rub my hand. static electricity jumped from my finger to her nose and she responded by slapping my hand and leaving in a huff.

    I found that pair of shorts I've been looking for under the dresser. I should clean under there more often

    I saw my step father wander into the yard and I greeted him as i headed out for the coup, he grunted tiredly in response. Well I got an answer at least.

    I'm the morning person of the family you see.

    I had to medicate mom's Pomeranian who has congestive heart failure. I was running behind so when he decided to run and try to dart out the front door I tackled him, literally.

    He growled and carried on as I hauled him back inside and stuffed a pill down his throat. My sister held up a "9.0" at my "dive" for the dog.

    Then on to laundry. I didn't bother top turn on the laundry room light as I started sorting through the massive pile of dirty clothes and blankets. I grabbed a dark towel and it was soft warm and squeaked. I dropped the furry animal, squeaking myself, and watched a very annoyed cat run out the door.

    I'm infested with cats, furry little beasts are everywhere.

    My little red hen is laying eggs on the porch again. When I open the door she is there to greet me. If I sit down she climbs into my lap.

    I'm not particularly cuddly with my chickens but I am not mean either. She has been this way ever since she was injured by a failed hawk attack and I nursed her back to health in my bathroom.

    After cleaning the poop from my leg I wandered into here and sat at my desk.

    There you have it. A boring pointless story about my day, and it's only 1:30.

    You've read it, you can't un-read it.

    You're welcome.
  2. I like the last part!! You've read it, you can't unread it. Your welcome. [​IMG]
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    Very funny, lol! Doesn't sound so boring. I'm afraid I'd put you all to sleep if I told you mine. [​IMG]
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