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Mar 25, 2009
How would one go about creating a blue laced red OEGB? I just love this color if it is correct and think an oegb would look pretty cool with it.
can't really find any info on the web. I've looked all over for a long time.. I sent you an email Glenda... I wouldn't have a clue where to start but would be neat to see this color in them
What variety of oegb do you have to work with? What other bantam varieties do you have?

1.The easiest thing to do would be to breed a gold bird with black lacing (male) to a bird (female) that is blue splashed white or splashed.

2. Then back cross the female blue offspring( these females will be gold) to the gold laced bird. I would pick the females that show the most gold color through the blue.

From the offspring, pick the female birds that are the darkest red which show some blue lacing or blue spangling. I would use the red birds that show blue lacing before the red and spangled birds.

3. Back cross the female birds you picked with the gold laced male bird.

4. Continue to back cross the blue laced offspring to the gold laced bird until you get good blue lacing on a buff feather.

If you want a dark red and not a dull red (buff) color on the gold birds with blue lacing, you will have to breed in the mahogany gene. You will have to get the mahogany gene form a black tailed red or red oegb.


Has anyone told you how much you rock!??!?!

If I ever get into breeding, I'm coming to you for organized, easy to understand, articulate answers.
Thanks Tim!! I've got blue wheaton, crele, and barred oegb now and spangled, silver blue and mille fleur in the bator. I'll have to get gold laced and red now it sounds like. Won't it be hard to breed the gold out of the birds though to make the red just like the wyandottes have trouble with now? Is it the only way to introduce the lacing gene into the mix?
None of your birds have the pattern gene in them. You need the pattern gene to make the lacing. The spangled oegb are actually mottled and not spangled so they do not contain the pattern gene.

You do not actually breed out the gold. You want the gold gene in the birds. Almost all birds have either gold or silver at the silver locus. There is also an albino gene that is sometimes found in birds and is an allele to silver and gold. Either you have a gold bird or a silver bird. The addition of red intensifiers,like mahogany, will make the birds a darker red color. Blue will decrease the intensity of the gold/red color.

If you can not find the birds you need you can use birds from another breed. One of the birds has to be laced.

The blue wheaten will work for the blue gene but you still need a laced bird to get the lacing.

You could use a bantam Rhode Island red to get the mahogany gene. Rhode island red also carry an autosomal gene that adds red color. It is called "autosomal red" in the literature. In my experimental crosses I have produced silver females that were almost completely red. The females also contained mahogany. The mahogany gene causes more of the red to cover the back.

Ideal poultry has a large variety of oegb. They may be hatchery birds but it will give you something to start with.

If you do get a RIR, I would find an adult. This way you can make sure the bird is the dark mahogany color you want to breed with.

Would it be best to breed for the red first by crossing gold laced to black tailed red then breed in the blue? I'm going to order gold laced oegb and black tailed red oegb soon , I've got a buddy that has blues and splashes so no need to order those..

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