Another chicken eater out of the gene pool! *Kill Pic*


12 Years
May 5, 2010
Milan, MI
I'm liking winter time trapping better than anything this year! I used a bridger 165 connibear trap and caught this 18 pound boar coon only 20 yards from the coup. Since the fur is prime it has been skinned and is on the stretcher. I'm saving the skull to mount along with some of my other oddities (coyote, opossum, cat, rooster, and many other coons). The trap is going back out. We've got lots of coons this year. I know from my trail cam there is also a HUGE grinner running the same trail I caught this coon on. Wish me luck!

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I'd say that one was an average sized male coon for our area. I have heard people talk about 25 pound coons up here! I'got the pelt on the stretcher. It should bring a decent amount, but not enough to ever make it really worth it. I would like one more so I can make the ever popular coon skin cap (with tail of course!).
Good job! want pics of the hat when it is made!
My family took a vacation on Cape Cod one year, we rented this HUGE old house, and there was a lake about 1/4 mile down the trail, so my BFF and I (we were 15) decided on a moonlight swim, we got about 20 yards down the trail and saw coonsizlla. I swear to this day the thing was the size of a lab. Like big enough (and dark enough) we both thought it was a small bear. Found out we could both run really fast, found my brother and his friends who thought we were drunk (or something) about the time we dragged them back down the path it came strolling out of the woods, wandered over to the VERY secure trash can area, and just moseyed on down the path. There were 5 of us that saw it. SOOO glad they don't get that big in Va.

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