Another Chicken Lice Question >_<

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Nov 2, 2017
Blounts Creek, NC
2 weeks ago, we bought a Rosecomb Roo at a local auction. We, admittedly, were late - missing the opportunity to look at him beforehand.

When I picked him up at the end of the auction, I noticed he had poo on his butt. He was stuck in a small handmade crate, so I gave him a bath when we got home. When I got to his vent, I felt more and more of what I thought was poo. Turned him around and BOOM! LICE! LICE EVERYWHERE. It’s making my scalp itch just thinking about it. So after the bath, I snipped out what I saw.

Retreated again a week later ( a permethrin powder in the bedding and spray on him ), and felt around some more during his bath. Still had some.

So now is 2 weeks later, nits and nests are dead - no crawlies. Is there an easier way of getting the dead nests off of him, especially since there are SOOOO many? I honestly thought about getting a shaver since snipping with scissors is time consuming and stresses him out. If I were to try and mush while he’s in the bath or with olive oil, it’d take me 3 hours.

And yes, the vendor was reported. Made me so mad. But at least now he’s with someone who can and will take care of him.
I'd recommend plucking the feathers. Goes pretty fast. He won't like it, but then again he won't like clippers either.

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