Another chicken with sour crop

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    Hi everyone,

    My RIR Harriet has a hugely swollen, squishy crop. Based on what I've read here, this is what I've done so far.

    Saturday: Gave her yogurt with mineral oil, waited a few hours, then held her upside down, and massaged her crop to try to make her vomit. Nothing happened. She was behaving normally, but I isolated her at the end of the day to prevent her from eating. Gave her water with apple cider vinegar (ACV).

    Sunday: Still isolated, no food throughout the day, just water with ACV. Gave her some oil-soaked white bread at the end of the day, and she ate it up. Seemed to have good appetite, and was drinking regularly.

    Monday (today): Still isolated, still drinking water with ACV. Gave her more oil-soaked white bread, but her appetite is not very good. The crop seems slightly bigger, but I can't tell for sure. DH tried holding her upside down again, and massaging her crop - she vomited a bit, but not very much.

    Any other thoughts, anyone? Poor Harriet seems to be getting worse, not better. :-(
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    I would stop trying to make her vomit. It doesn't seem to work and she can choke or get fluid in her lungs.
    If there is a mass in her crop you can try and massage down, not up, to help get food though crop towards digestion.
    If crop is foul smelling and gassy follow directions for sour crop.
    Go to general forum F.A.Q for good links to advice

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