another dilema, but a good one this time!


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
Vermont, USA
I have a duck egg pipping since yesterday in the incubator! Never thinking this would actually hatch after all this batch of eggs has been through, it looks like it will. I had a neighbors red sex link hatch this morning from a couple eggs he handed me one day 3 weeks ago to test for fertility. Guess it was fertile. My dilema, can I put the duckling in the brooder with the new chick? I think the new chick is male as his comb is gigantic. I know they can eat the same starter feed and needs water source where he can get his bill submerged. Will those 2 be okay together? Also, will this little duckling imprint and if so, should he imprint with a rooster? The guy who gave me the 2 chicken eggs to test also gave me a pair of Rouens yesterday who walked behind the barn and weren't seen again. I thought for sure they were gonners, but they were on the pond out back of the barn this morning, swimming around on the small open patch of water. We still have 2 feet of snow here and the pond is still mostly frozen. Will the duckling one day be able to join them and they would parent him?
Thanks for insight, I appreciate your knowledge, all of you,
I don't know much about ducks, but with just one of each, it can probably be done with minmal water spill clean up to keep the chick dry and hot. Chicks require more heat the ducks too so make sure it is at least chick temp in the brooder. In addion, feed non medicated duck feed rather than chick feed as I think ducks need more protein and will over dose on chick feed if it is medicated for cocci. As for integration, probably, but I don't know ducks.

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